Crossing Firewalls with UA

Security is a key feature of UA but security requires that the Servers be able to publish their security requirements so Clients can know how to connect. UA makes this possible via the Discovery Services which have been discussed in prior posts. U ...[Read More]
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Betas and Community Software Development

A comment on the v1.1 SDK by Mike Dillamore over at OPC Programmer's Connection prompted me to think about the differences between developing community software and developing commercial software. When developing commercial software the developm ...[Read More]
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A Roadmap to UA Downloads

After a long hiatus I finally have some time to start blogging again. This time I hope be more frequent in my postings. A lot has happened since my last post including the formal release of V1.0 of the UA SDK and the most recently posted V1.1 Be ...[Read More]
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