The UA Security Model - The Basics

In the past OPC specifications were silent on security and application developers were expected to use the operating system infrastructure to secure their applications. What this meant in practice is most OPC systems were insecure by default. The ...[Read More]
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The UA Specification Rendered in Angle Brackets

UA is a specification that is based on the web service model. This means that all of the services defined in the UA specification are described by a WSDL which can be used by any application that understands WSDLs. The UA specification also defi ...[Read More]
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Building UA Applications from the Ground Up

After 5 years of development UA is about to be released. The 1.01 version for the UA core specifications (Parts 1 through 8)  should be posted in a couple weeks. The IEC 62541 Working Group has just approved the committee draft which means UA is ...[Read More]
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